Animals on the move

by admin

We recently moved house to a new estate in the middle of Gloucester. We knew the area well as we used to live just around the corner some 10 years before. It was after we moved and were beginning to get settled in our new house tat one night we heard a scratching at the cat flap. We had locked it as we didn’t have any pets. On closer inspection it was a small white cat with a red collar. I had a quick look at it and much to my amazement it had our address and our new telephone number on it. I quickly realised that this must have been the old house owners cat. BT must have assigned us the old owners number and the cat owners must have not changed their cats collar tag. I asked some of the neighbours who were their friends if they could give them a call ad they were straight round to pick up Tilly! It got me thinking about how much a lost cat could devastate a family. Luckily this time it all worked out with a happy ending.

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