Old renovations

by admin

For the last year myself, and a team of builders have been lovingly restoring some old barns that I inherited some 7 years ago. The amount of hard work is certainly something that I underestimated; the other underestimation is the amount of decisions that I needed to make. Luckily I had my wife to help make many of these with me, but the questions that are continuously thrown at you, really do make you think, and also stress. Are we making the right decision is always on our minds? One such question was with regards to the main heating for the property. We had decided to have under floor heating downstairs but upstairs we wanted radiators. We knew that we wanted the ones like you would fine in the old schools and libraries, but we certainly didn’t know what they were called. After a few Google searched using pictures we discovered they were called column radiators. We found a great company called www.apolloradiators.co.uk and they fantastic at advising us in what we would need. Hopefully we will carry on with our conversion and the decision will get easier,  then I just have to worry about the size of the bills!

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